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October 2012 Virgo horoscope prediction:

Venus in Virgo at the start of October 2012 forms a great cross with Neptune at opposition in Pisces and squared with The Moon in Taurus, and a Mars and Luna North Node in Scorpio. Expect a big change in your love life this month, whether single or not, you will be given the opportunity to embrace these changes and make sure they are for your own benefit. Though try and avoid over thinking and just go with the flow, you will get the chance later to have a rethink and recharge your batteries.

Be prepared for a major change in work this month, how you deal with these changes is entirely up to you. The quicker you adapt the better it will be for you. Try not to dwell too much on the minor details, a typical Virgo trait! But learn to look at the bigger picture as a whole.

You will need to make a financial decision this month on what to invest your money in. Don't get involved with minor mishaps, it is your money and it is up to you what to do with it. Keep a daily or weekly record on your incomings and outgoings and you will see where the problem lies.

Make your mind up over which destination you would like to travel this month and stop worrying about what can go wrong. Relax, go with the flow and above all else, don't forget to have fun and enjoy yourself.

Someone close to you surprises you with a change of heart but don't allow this to upset your usual routine. Thinking through the whys and wherefores will help no one least of all yourself. Build a bridge and walk over it.

October 2012 Virgo Summary:
The first week of October 2012 is one of the most pivotal this year. October 4th sees the full ingress of Venus in to Virgo whilst simultaneously at opposition with Neptune in Pisces and squared with The Moon in Taurus, and a Mars and Luna North Node in Scorpio at opposition with The Moon. This great cross, with squared planets on cusps on all sides will either make or break the biggest opportunities for Virgo. Expect revelations from loved ones. Expect changes in your love life. Expect either a big promotion or get fired from your job. What you choose to do with the changes is up to you. Every Virgo must get past their usual trait of weighing up the pros and cons of situations and act decisively. Think on your feet. Adapt. But above all don't let anything take you by surprise. You will have the rest of the month to look back and catch your breath.

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