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November 2012 Virgo horoscope prediction:

There is a more positive uplift in any romantic relationship this month, as things start to settle down. However if there is any further issues now is the time to bring them out in the open with your partner. If single expect a new romance on the horizon.

Your job prospects have never been better and there may even be that promotion up for grabs just for you but now is not the time to take it easy, you still have a lot to prove to your fellow colleagues. Keep working hard and you will achieve even more than you ever thought you would.

You need to keep your money working for you and not give up just yet. You have so much to offer and you will soon reap your rewards. Take up the proposal that will be offered to you this month as this will be of greater benefit to your future.

It would be wise to hold off any travel plans this month but if you must embark on any trips then do make sure that everything is settled in the home and in work first. Keep checking your emails and don't forget to answer any that are of utmost importance straight away.

Make sure that friends and family know where they stand with you. Holding things back will only create more confusion, be honest and clear about your true feelings. Those that really care will only have your happiness at heart.

November 2012 Virgo Summary:
After the relationship upheavals experienced by many Virgos in October, November 2012 comes as something of a relief. The grand cross that focussed so much negative energy is now a distant memory, and Virgo can now either pick up the pieces or consolidate after the changes. By the end of the month you must make sure you have tied up any loose ends in your relationships. If there is any more fallout that you expect it is best to get everything out in the open during the quiet time in the middle of November, as things will swing back in to conflict all too easily once the opposition of The Sun in Sagittarius with Jupiter and The Moon in Gemini on November 29th takes place squared against Venus. If you have not secured your thoughts and feelings with others, and most importantly won their confidence with your actions, things could well unravel themselves back to the way they were the start of November 2012.

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