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September 2012 Virgo horoscope prediction:

This is a good month for Virgo relationships, and new circumstances will bring you closer than ever during The Sun and Mercury conjunction on September 10th 2012 in Virgo. If single expect a new face on the scene while The Sun is within Virgo that will put a permanent smile on your face and butterflies in the stomach!

If you have a new idea this is the time to make a stand and express it to your fellow workmates. Things are looking rosy for you with The Sun in Virgo and you have the chance to prove yourself and claim that promotion you have been waiting so long for.

Make sure you do your research thoroughly before making any big investments. When you do it will reap its own benefits and rewards. The world is your oyster if you just know how to play the game right.

Go on that vacation you have always wanted. Life is too short to worry about the whys and wherefores, travel lightly and be sure to choose the right travel companions who share the same breezy outlook and optimism as your self. The Sun and Mercury conjunction on September 10th 2012 is the most auspicious day to book that trip away.

Start afresh in your home by giving it a new make over, get your family and friends to help. This will lift your spirits as well as those that live with you. Communicate openly with the help of The Sun in Virgo, and express your thoughts and opinions as well as listening to others.

September 2012 Virgo Summary:
The Sun and Mercury are never far apart in the Zodiac, and there are very real benefits that can be gleaned from their closest conjunctions such as that on September 10th in Virgo. Relationships and communication are at a high for Virgo around this time. Take this opportunity to win friends family and colleagues round to your point of view. If you are planning a new project or setting out on a journey, this is an ideal time to take the lead and make things happen while The Sun is within Virgo.

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