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www.zodiac-astrology-horoscopes.com is a website from "Freomob". "Freomob" refers to the all of the Freomob group of web sites including www.zodiac-astrology-horoscopes.com, www.freomob.mobi, www.freomob.co.uk, www.littledetails.co.uk and all of the employees, staff and creators.

Freomob takes your privacy very seriously and promises to respect your personal information, and as such all personal data is collected lawfully and handled in accordance with the data protection act.

This privacy statement outlines the way Freomob handles your personal information. We define 'personal information' as any information that we have obtained from you directly or through third parties in the process of providing products and services. We gather this information as we process your enquiry. You are free to abandon your enquiry at any time. Such information is collected from you entering data into our web site or by telephone or post, and is collected solely in connection with providing our products and services. The relevant information is used by us, suppliers, our agents, sub-contractors and affiliates to maximise the effectiveness of our services, and to increase the speed with which transactions are conducted.

Information is collected lawfully and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (as amended and updated from time to time). We will do our best to ensure your details are accurate and kept up to date and we would ask you to assist us in doing so by notifying us of any changes to your personal information.

Your information will never be passed on to third parties for marketing reasons. You will not receive unsolicited post, emails or phone calls as a result of supplying your information to Freomob.

Your personal information will only be disclosed to third parties outside of Freomob if:
- it is necessary for the performance of your agreement with us to provide a product or service
- you have given your consent
- such disclosure is required or permitted by law

We may from time to time contact by email information relating to the products we offer, especially if we have a better product, service or price to offer you, or if we have a product or service which we believe you may benefit from. If you do not wish to receive such communications in the future please send an email to info@freomob.mobi with the subject line 'optout'.

User generated content and posts submitted by registered users may be published on any of the Freomob range of websites and also on our range of social networking accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

User passwords
We store user registered user passwords only in encrypted format which does not allow us to read the password.

Web Site Cookies
Some sections of the Freomob web site require the use of cookies to assist and track visitor navigation, for example to show if you are using a PC or a mobile device to view this website. Cookies are small text files stored on your computer which identify it to our website. These cookies are used purely to enhance parts of the web site. No personal information is stored inside the web site cookies.

This site uses a sitemap generator tool which collects your requests for pages and passes elements of them to search engines to assist them in indexing this site. We control the configuration of the tool and are responsible for any information sent to the search engines.

Freomob Privacy Policy last updated January 8th 2013.

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