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October 2012 Taurus horoscope prediction:

If you feel that you are going nowhere with your relationship then you may need to take a step back and evaluate the situation, letting the effects of Mars in opposition with The Moon in Taurus on October 3rd 2012 have eased. Don't get involved in any arguments as this may make matters worse. Keep a low profile and allow the dust to settle before you make your move once The Sun has entered Scorpio on October 22nd.

You may overhear a colleague saying things about you that you may not like but at least you will know where you stand with them, rise above it and make sure you don't get into petty squabbles as this will make you look the guilty party. Your time will come when you prove you are the better person.

Put a curb on your spending this month, this is not the time to be making big investments either. In time though you will find a way to improve your finances especially when an older male relative comes to your aid.

You need not venture too far from home to take a small break. You will find comfort in your own surroundings. Don't let yourself become involved with conflict especially around members of the opposite sex, instead step back and give yourself some breathing space.

Some family members may not be able to see eye to eye with you this month. You could do well by just agreeing to disagree and going your own separate ways. Accept help from others but only if you feel it is done in a positive and beneficial way to yourself.

October 2012 Taurus Summary:
When The Moon in Taurus comes in to direct opposition with conjunction of Mars and the Lunar North Node in Scorpio on October 3rd 2012, as a Taurus you would be well advised to stand back and not get involved. This is not a day to try and patch up any relationship cracks. You will be sent head first in to conflict with everyone who ever wanted to get the upper hand over you. Expect older male relatives and work colleagues to have the last say on how they feel about you, it won't be good, but at least you know the moment will pass quickly. Things go quiet for Taurus for the next week or two, and you will be seeing changes for the better in how other people see your contributions. The biggest change in your fortunes will come after the solar ingress to Scorpio on October 22nd 2012 and the October 25th Sun and Saturn conjunction that will put every Taurus in the best possible light.

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