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September 2012 Taurus horoscope prediction:

This month brings the most contentment for you in matters of the heart. You finally realise what it is you want and though you may still have your ups and downs, and with the Taurus opposition conjunctions of The Moon with Mars and then the North Node in Scorpio around September 20th you are able to overcome these issues and build a stronger relationship with a loved one.

Your career prospects have never looked brighter this month when things are starting to look your way by the September 20th conjunctions, however there may be one or two issues you still need to deal with but as you have the full support of your colleagues these will not be too difficult to handle.

As you begin to sort out your finances this month be extra careful of unforeseen circumstances that may lead you to spend more than you bargained for. Keep a close eye on all your outgoings and own spends and you should be able to manage until you get your next wage packet.

There should be no reason why you can't go on your planned trip this month as you know everything can be left to more or less run themselves. Keep all your documentation up to date and check to see if your passport needs renewing.

Just when you think the dust starts to settle, another problem arises. You will have to nip things in the bud now if you want a peaceful life on the home front. Allow others to have their say but make it clear that your rules are there to be kept and not broken.

September 2012 Taurus Summary:
For the most part September 2012 is a somewhat quiet time for most Taurus. There will be one or two issues focussed around the opposition conjunctions of The Moon with Mars and then the North Node in Scorpio around September 20th. The Moon in Scorpio always adds a touch of conflict and opposing views for the friends and family of every Taurus. If there are going to be relationship arguments this will bring them to the fore.

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