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November 2012 Taurus horoscope prediction:

Now is the time you need to say what is exactly you want from your relationship. Make sure you pick the right time and place to do this, when you are both calm and relaxed, this will give you both a fair and equal standing when dealing with issues.

This month you should make the most of any new opportunities, speak your mind and let yourself become more noticeable in the work place. This month you will do better when working alongside your trusted colleagues. Together you will come up a few bigger and more successful ideas.

This month you will have the chance to make your money grow. You will reap the benefits in every way if you take the advice of an elderly work colleague. However, make sure you keep your eyes open for anything new that pops up.

If you want to have a small break then now is the time to take it. Plan and choose your travel companions wisely. You will gain peace of mind and have a clearer insight once you have had a well earned rest away from the chaos of daily life.

This month you should make yourself heard loud and clear, it is unfair for everyone to expect you to take on everything. Make sure everyone else is delegated with a task to do, and though there may be slight friction, hold your ground. It involves teamwork to run a household, not just one.

November 2012 Taurus Summary:
November 2012 begins with Taurus still benefiting from the opposition of The Sun in Scorpio. This is a good time to make the most of your opportunities. In work you should do your best to network and forge new alliances. In the home try getting other family members to pitch in and help more. In romantic relationships you should put your case and expect an objective listening ear from your partner. Make sure you speak your mind on those little points that make the difference to a relationship. Try and get all of the positive moves done before the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on November 13th 2012. After the eclipse Taurus comes under the squared influences of the strengthening square of Mars once it moves in to Capricorn on November 17th 2012, and then the trine conjunction of Venus and Saturn in Virgo a week later which will change the feelings you experience in all of your interpersonal relationships.

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