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July 2013 Taurus horoscope prediction:

Saturn in isolation at opposition with Taurus in Scorpio, along with The Sun and Venus on the cusp between Cancer and Leo hint at pastures fresh for Taurus. This is a new beginning for you whether single or attached, expect good times ahead.

Keep doing what you are best at, those that matter will soon take notice of how much potential you really have in the work place.

Things are looking up for you financially this month, don't allow anything or anyone to hold you back.

Make the most of any travel plans during the current planetary transits, you are in control of your own destination. Plan ahead and all will be well.

This is a time for being optimistic about your plans, don't allow things that have already gone to cloud your future. Look ahead and never look back again.

July 2013 Taurus Summary:
With The Sun and inner planets passing through Cancer and in to Leo, Taurus is left with one of the better balanced aspects during July 2013. Take you time with the work you do and the tasks you have to complete, no matter how trivial, as the satisfaction from a job well done will stand you in good stead as the month progresses.
With Saturn having a quiet month in opposition with Taurus in Scorpio, you are in a good position for seeking out new connections. You should be making enquiries in and around the workplace to see what opportunities might present themselves for you over the coming weeks. If here are promotion opportunities in the pipeline you must ensure you are at the front of the line when the decisions are made.
You should take every opportunity to help out those close to you, and your wider circle of friends. If you are single there will be some ideal periods of July 2013 for meeting someone new, especially around July 22nd when Venus moves from Leo to Virgo, to be replaced by The Sun in Leo. The squared effects on Taurus make this especially favourable for meeting new Leo and Virgo friends. Make the most of the positive aspects this month.

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NEW in 2013: July 2013 Taurus daily planetary chart »

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