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August 2013 Taurus horoscope prediction:

With little to inspire Taurus during August 2013 you might find your love life on the back burner for a time. You may not be in the mood to make any major changes suggested by your partner, but be sure not to cut yourself off. Single Taurus might well stay that way until planetary alignments move to a more positive aspect next month.

Time to simply keep your head down and get on with the job in hand rather than try for making big ideas happen. Bide your time for a few weeks.

With such a low energy month for Taurus you will do well to keep your cash in the bank and not indulge in shopping sprees.

A stay at home month for Taurus. This will pass in a few weeks and you will be well on your way to pastures new soon enough.

Time to speak to family and friends and ask them to help out more in and around the home. Do not try and cope on your own as you will get bogged down before too long.

August 2013 Taurus Summary:
With such a quiet planetary time for Taurus during August 2013, it will be very easy to get stuck in a rut. The subconscious mind of our dreams often take us to dark places with an unsure path ahead. Taurus could well have dreams of being inside a long tunnel with no obvious light at the end this month. For Taurus this could signify a struggle to make more of ourselves but with no obvious way to achieve this in real life.
Work can slow to almost a stop at times like these, making chances of furthering our careers or even just making the most of what we already have as being just outside our grasp.
Do not be afraid to ask for help this month. You might not quite word it that way, but feel free to get on the phone to an old friend, or even better go and visit. You will feel much better inside as a result.
The best times to make positive changes will be those times when The Moon is having the biggest effect on Taurus. On August 13th The Moon passes conjunction with Saturn which is still at opposition with Taurus in Scorpio, and then gain on August 26th when The Moon in Taurus opposes Saturn. Usually these events are something to beware, but with such a slow time already being had you should make the most of the mood changes these days bring to get yourself motivated.

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NEW in 2013: August 2013 Taurus daily planetary chart »

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