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September 2012 Pisces horoscope prediction:

Don't despair if someone has a change of heart that goes against your own personal desires. It is better to know these things sooner rather than later, and the beginning of September 2012 is when things may well come to the fore. With The Sun in Virgo at opposition with Neptune in Pisces it is high time to move on and concentrate on a new life. Something bigger and better will happen and you will look back at these moments and just laugh.

Don't give up just yet when your target is so close. You have every thing going for you on this and you will only regret it if you throw it away now without using the power given to your desires by Neptune in Pisces with The Sun at opposition. Keep pushing forward, success is nearer and coming faster than you think.

Do enjoy yourself with the little luxuries you so love and desire, but also try not to overspend too much. Keep planning ahead and you should have a sound financial base for you to build your future dreams upon. A brand new idea comes to you that will just be what you are looking for.

Why travel for miles when you have everything you could wish for right under your very nose? Despite the affects of The Sun in Virgo at opposition with Neptune in Pisces affecting your need to seek new experiences, the grass isn't always greener on the other side. You may actually feel more comfortable and relaxed in your own home this month, where you can concentrate on a spiritual journey in your own mind that will be everything as important as visiting somewhere in person during September 2012.

Stop dwelling in the past, this is affecting not only yourself but others around you as well. You cannot change what has already happened and not many people apart from yourself really cares. Live in the present and now and then, think about the future, those closest to you will thank you for it and enjoy the new more thoughtful Pisces you.

September 2012 Pisces Summary:
September 2012 is a time when Pisces desires will be high on the agenda. The month begins with The Sun in Virgo at opposition with Neptune in Pisces, a time when Pisces will often feel a need to travel wide and seek pastures new. There is often a flip side to the desires, and you must guard against new experiences of a negative variety. Luckily the negative forces will be short lived, and for the rest of the month with Neptune continuing in Pisces there will be more of a spiritual search, a desire now to find out where we come from and where we are heading, a quest that will be at a maximum at the very end of September and in to the next month when Venus in Leo is at opposition with Neptune.

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