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October 2012 Pisces horoscope prediction:

Now that your ruling planet of Neptune is firmly in Pisces and here to stay, it will would be very easy during October 2012 to lose yourself as you are whisked off your feet into a whirlwind romance. But be careful not to let your heart rule your head. There may be one or two loose ends you need to tie off before you make any sort of commitment with the effects of the great cross of planets squared with Neptune at the beginning of October. This will be a good time to think through the pros and cons.

You will have to face up to reality if you want your job prospects to improve this month. You have nothing to gain by having your head in the clouds. Stop dreaming about it and make it happen instead. You will receive a new proposal and by taking it you will most certainly increase your chances of promotion.

Make your money work for you by setting yourself a goal to work towards. A small investment will go a long way if you take the initiative to prove yourself. Draw up a plan and make sure you stick at it.

Put the effort into making your dream holiday become a reality. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Start saving this month for who knows what the coming year may bring. Just be sure to make the right choice in travelling companions though.

Be prepared for changes in relationships with members of the opposite sex this month. It will be down to you to make the final decision, however hard it might be. Don't be too disheartened though as you will eventually make the right choice in the end.

October 2012 Pisces Summary:
With Neptune now in its ruling sign of Pisces, and here to stay for a while, there is something of a dreamy feeling in the thoughts of many Pisces. You must work hard to keep your feet on the ground while you become accustomed to the thoughts this will promote. It would be all too easy to lose oneself in the transcendental and spiritual at the expense of the material world in which we all live. While these conditions predominate Pisces there will be something of a respite with certain planetary alignments, such as each Lunar aspect which changes day by day. The biggest effect on Pisces during October 2012 actually comes at the start of the month with the grand cross of Venus in Virgo at opposition with Neptune, with both planets squared against The Moon in Gemini and Mars in Scorpio, which all occurs on October 4th 2012. The biggest changes for Pisces on this day will be within the various relationships you have with members of the opposite sex in different situations. Any cracks in your romantic relationship will be blown wide open if you are not too careful. Many Pisces will wish their head was still in the cloud on October 4th!

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