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August 2012 Pisces horoscope prediction:

Be a little bit more realistic with your romantic relationships even while Neptune is unopposed in Pisces for most of August, and you will be able to foresee any problems that may arise in the future. By keeping things real only then you can make any progress.

Put your ideas forward to your colleagues this month and they will be amazed at what talents they never thought you had. Only then you will be able to gain rewards by which you can and only will be able to succeed by.

You have come to understand what it is you need to become more financially stable. Don't allow things to slip through your grasp, keep working hard and make the most of what you have this month before The Sun enters opposition in Virgo on August 22nd, and next month will be even better.

Don't be nervous by venturing out further afield, you may need to do this in order to learn and discover greater things. Take along with you like minded travelling companions, the experience will only prove to be of greater benefit to all involved.

Don't bury your head in the sand when it comes to family matters, this will only make things worse. You need to face facts head on and deal with them as and when they arise. Things will improve by the end of the month as disputes finally settle between family members.

August 2012 Pisces Summary:
Neptune unopposed in Pisces for most of August 2012 is a dreamy time for you. By the time The Sun enters opposition in Virgo on August 22nd your ideas will crystallise in to practical plans to make the most of your rediscovered abilities.

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