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November 2012 Pisces horoscope prediction:

This month will find others becoming frustrated with your apparent lack of concern for any future commitments. If you are backtracking then it would be kinder to end a relationship sooner rather than later. Decide now what it is you want and then stick to any decision you make for everyone else's sake including your own.

You have been drifting between too many different tasks within your career but maybe you have been trying to do the impossible. Take stock of what you are able to do and concentrate on the smallest details. Only then you will be able to move forward with the job at hand.

Careful planning with your finances is need this month. Giving into get rich quick schemes, however tempting, will only land you into trouble. Some people are just out for what they can get, don't be taken in by flattery and so called charm. Keep tight hold of your money and choose how you spend it yourself.

You need to hurry up and decide on what your final destination is going to be. Others are becoming increasingly impatient as you keep changing your mind for no apparent reason at all. Sit down with your travel companions and discuss the pros and cons of each place and then you will be able compromise.

Make sure that you show appreciation towards family members and close friends, sometimes you may have to sacrifice the time you spend with one over the other. However make sure you do make a decision that you stick to it or you could lose a valued friendship with your constant changing of minds.

November 2012 Pisces Summary:
By now Pisces should be well accustomed to the dreamy and thought provoking effects provided by Neptune. The long term future for Pisces is actually very positive, but could tend a little towards the fantastic with their ideas. Not everything in the mind of Pisces is real or achievable. There will be times when Pisces comes under the focus of far less fortunate planetary aspects. At times the transition between the dream and the dark thoughts will cause something of a shock to the Pisces system. If there was a time when the two fish of Pisces will try their best to escape in opposite directions, November 2012 could be that time. For a taster, the November 3rd tines of The Moon in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio with Neptune in Pisces. For the first time in a while Pisces will see just how big a task is faced to achieve some of their more impossible dreams. This is not a time to begin any big projects, you will take yourself out of even trying. From November 6th when Mercury in Sagittarius turns retrograde and moves towards the November 14th conjunction with The Sun with The Moon in Scorpio will again cause Pisces to backtrack. There will be a similar jolt on November 21st 2012 when The Moon is in conjunction with Neptune in Pisces, at the same time as The Sun and inner planets are trined in Scorpio and in Capricorn. Friends, family and colleagues may feel impatient with Pisces changing their mind for no reason. You must learn to make a decision and stick to it, as this form of mood change will be a big part of Pisces life for some time to come.

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