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October 2012 Libra horoscope prediction:

Expect this month to run a bit more smoothly for you while The Sun is in Libra with regards to romantic relationships as matters come to a head later in the month, you will both be able to reach a compromise and happy balance, even after the 22nd October 2012 egress of The Sun. If single then you can expect a new face to arrive on the scene near the end of October and good times ahead.

You may be feeling somewhat overwhelmed by turn of events on the work front. Don't allow this to deter you though, in achieving your goal. What may seem impossible can actually be overcome if you just remain positive and move forwards instead of backwards.

Change your spending habits this month before your financial situation spirals out of control. Get rid of those extra items that you no longer have any use for, selling them would be of greater benefit to you. It is also worth shopping around when making any big purchases. You will soon find a great bargain when you do.

A short break is just what you need this month to escape the daily grind. You will find peace and relaxation closer to home. Choose your travel companions wisely, you don't need someone to drag you further down. Positive energy is what you need.

This is the perfect time to work through any conflicts or problems you have in your family life and other relations, particularly with members of the opposite sex. If you have any issues or confessions to make, now is the time to bring it out into the open.

October 2012 Libra Summary:
October is the month when Libra basks in the warm glow of The Sun. Take the opportunity this year to relax a little and let yourself stand back from the usual rigors of life. There will be a few blips along the way however, such as around the conjunction of Saturn and Mercury right on the cusp with Scorpio on October 5th 2012. With The Moon and Jupiter in Gemini trined with The Sun in Libra at the same time, there could be various problems and tasks that will bring you down to earth a little, but these will be short lived. Don't feel too disheartened after the October 22nd egress of The Sun in to Scorpio, as in a few days time your ruling planet of Venus will be here to stay for a month, giving you back much of the serenity you previously felt from Saturn and then The Sun in Libra. The last few days of October 2012 will be an excellent time for patching up relations, especially with members of the opposite sex. And if its not too late to say it... Happy Libra Birthday from @TweeterScopes!

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