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November 2012 Libra horoscope prediction:

Think carefully about what it is you want out of your relationship. If you feel you are not getting all you want then it may be time to move on. You may even be better off spending some time alone in a quiet place just so that you can feel free to make your own choices.

Don't do make any rash decisions just yet. Talk and listen to your work colleagues to find out what they have in mind for any future plans. The more ideas that are thrown in the pot the better. Everything will eventually fall into place, you just need to have more patience.

Have a look at what your incomings and outgoings are, keep a record. Soon you will be able to spot where your money problems lie. You may need to make some changes by the end of the month before you see a sharp improvement.

Plan any journeys to the finest detail this month. Don't be misled by glitz and glamour, make sure you only pack what it is you really need. Make a list and stick to it, the key is to be as practical as much as possible.

Think before you make any decisions regarding the family and home this month, overreacting could be a problem and this is something you will have to guard against. However allowing things to develop naturally will give you a better advantage to deal with everything in the long run.

November 2012 Libra Summary:
With Venus in Libra at opposition with Uranus at the start of November 2012 there is a distinct possibility of Libra jumping head first in to something without looking and having to backtrack entirely once the situation develops. As this planetary aspect passes Venus in Libra comes more under the influence of Neptune trined in Aries which is at its strongest on November 21st, just as Venus crosses the cusp in to Scorpio. This will do you more of a favor than you may at first think, as it will cause you to look much more deeply in to your actions. The contemplation will slow you down long enough to weigh the possibilities and make a much better choice than the early November downhill only roller coaster. Make sure you get any romantic relationship issues under control before the egress of Venus on November 22nd.

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