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September 2012 Libra horoscope prediction:

There has been much confusion lately in your relationships with Saturn in Libra clouding every issue, and not knowing what to believe has left you a little on your guard. On several occasions during September 2012 things will become a little more clearer as Venus in Cancer and then in Leo squares and sextiles Saturn, and then you will be able to make the correct decision based on what you find.

Don't allow other people to muscle in on your ideas. Even with Saturn in Libra your thoughts are your own and you should take the credit when it's due. Any final decision making will be down to you and there are many that are waiting for you to make your mind up.

You know where you have gone wrong in the past when it comes to financial affairs, take it as a lesson learned and be sure not to repeat it this month. Draw up a clear plan on what your aims are once The Sun enters Libra on September 22nd and stick to that. Don't be tempted by any quick get rich schemes at any time though. Even in the glow of The Sun it will not work for Libra.

Be positive when making travel plans. This month you may be a little restricted because of financial concerns but if you want something badly enough then put a little aside and it will soon grow enough interest to spend on that holiday you have always dreamt off.

Be more pro active in taking charge of your family relationships. Some need more work on than others, be sensitive to other needs around you and give advice when necessary, it will be appreciated more than you think especially once The Sun enters Libra on September 22nd.

September 2012 Libra Summary:
With Saturn in Libra for the last few months, many Librans have found decision making a little clouded at times. There are always positives and various contributing alignments during any long term ingress however, especially for Libra when your ruling planet of Venus shows particular aspects with Saturn, and clarity returns. Make the most of the September 4th square of Venus in Leo with Saturn to view new horizons in work and actively take charge of all other relationships. Once The Sun enters Libra later in the month a lot of the weight you feel in the first few weeks of the month will be lifted.

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