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October 2013 Leo horoscope prediction:

October 2013 Leo Summary:
With The Sun moving further away from Leo for another year, and Jupiter making its presence known in Cancer, the effects of Mars in Leo are somewhat changed this month. Previously The Sun created a bright focus on Leo, something many Leo love to have. Mars came as something of a spanner in the works leading to a little over exaggeration, especially for the male Leo. Luckily for everyone else, even fellow Leos suffering the effects, as we get deeper in to October the Leo ego needs a lot less stroking.
Mars leaves Leo for Virgo on October 15th, leaving you a little lost in your own thoughts for a while. This is the time to settle back in to your own routing and stop worrying about what other people think of you, apart from your romantic partner. You must make a big effort to show your lover how much they mean to you, as they will be more than a little off put buy your ego trip of recent weeks.
For single Leo looking to find someone new, this is actually a time to find someone worthwhile and long term rather than the quick flings you have recently been attracting.
The last part of October 2013 sees Leo well balanced between the conflicting forces of Jupiter in Cancer and Mars in Virgo. This can sometimes make Leo somewhat outspoken and willing to put their own thoughts forwards to anyone who is prepared to listen, but you must keep things in for now. You cannot expect to keep using a sledge hammer to crack a nutshell. Show a little more tact in the workplace and you will get more done. Take some time out for studying and prepare for the quieter months ahead.

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NEW in 2013: October 2013 Leo daily planetary chart »

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