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September 2013 Leo horoscope prediction:

September 2013 Leo Summary:
Leo is dominated by the month long presence of Mars during September 2013, a powerful combination for many. With Mars Leo has an urge to make a big and lasting impression by letting everyone around who will listen know just how much they have to offer. Leo is not backward in coming forward this month.
There are several things Leo must guard against when in this mood. It is very easy for Leo with their abundance of emotional energy to get rather impatient with other signs who are having something of a quieter month of planetary aspects. This is not a personal slight on Leo, they just do not share your feelings at this time.
If you have an urge to travel, we expect you will, you had better take a fellow Leo with you, as others will not be on the same wavelength, although on the flip side of this getting another Leo to agree on the best place to visit might be just as problematic.
Romantic relationships will be hit or miss this month. If you are single then many will find your outgoing demeanour very attractive and appealing, and t is a good time to meet someone new. If you are already loved up your partner might like the additional attention they receive or they simply might not be able to keep up. Try to relax a little and let them come round to your point of view.
Your biggest gains this month could well be at work, a place where some extra energy and need to get things done will always be welcomed. Try not to put anyone down however, keep your comments to yourself.

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NEW in 2013: September 2013 Leo daily planetary chart »

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