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November 2013 Leo horoscope prediction:

Confidence is the keyword for Leo as a lover during November 2013. If you are single it is time to make the move with the special person you have your eye on. If they are right for you then the direct approach will pay off. If you are already in a relationship your partner will respond well to your forthright approach to love this month. Honesty is all you need.

You can shine in the workplace up to the point where you push someone else out of place. By all means show your own abilities but do not go taking over other people's tasks or you will go backwards.

There is a big chance the even bigger Leo ego will get the better of you and next thing you will be out spending more than you can afford this month. You have been warned.

A good time to go and visit some family and friends you have not seen for some time. Get together some of your friends who are close by and get on your travels.

You will actually have a better understanding of who is on your side by the end of November 2013 by the unusual method of seeing who has put up with your over the top ego this month.

November 2013 Leo Summary:
Leo has recently entered a period of planetary balance with Mars in Jupiter in neighboring Virgo and Cancer respectively, as well as an equally well spaced opposition balance of Venus in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces.
In some ways this is an ideal time for Leo advancement. Your work and career can blossom this month, and you have a very high ability for learning during November 2013. Do not be afraid to speak up with new ideas on how to do things in your job or at school. Your levels of understanding new ideas and techniques will stand you in good stead.
Unfortunately this ability could also be your downfall if you let the Leo ego get the better of you. There will always be some people who resent anyone who is getting on better than themselves, and they are more than happy when an over confident Leo gets things wrong. There are some people who have far from favourable planetary aspects during November, and they will look for any chink in the Leo armour.
Fortunately though, our real friends will be fully supportive of you, as they know if you will only speak up if you have something genuine to give. Your love life could well be at high point as your partner will feel your confidence and will respond in kind. If you are a single Leo male or female then have the confidence to ask out that special person you have your eye on. Keep your honesty and try not to be too boastful this month and you will have much positive times to look forward to. Have fun.

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