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October 2012 Leo horoscope prediction:

If something is not as it appears to be then follow your instincts, with Neptune in Pisces at opposition with Venus in Leo, October 2012 not the time to be burying your head in the sand. Question your partners motives and don't allow yourself to be taken in by any lies or false promises. If starting a new relationship, keep your eyes wide open as someone may try and take advantage of your good nature.

You know that in recent times you have done more than your own more share of the workload. However you need to guard against others from taking advantage of your good nature. Do what is expected of you and then no more. It is time you stood your ground and stop being a doormat.

Be wary about parting with your money, some people are not what they seem. Do not make any grand gestures however tempting it may be. You will know the right moment when it is time to make any investments.

Your travel plans may take a back seat for the time being. Too many people are pulling you in different directions. Though you will find later on in the month peace of mind in your own solitude, remember to take time out for yourself.

This month you are able to take a step back and see the situation for what it is. Conflict that arises between family members should be of no concern to you. Keep to yourself this month, the situation will soon blow over without any input from yourself.

October 2012 Leo Summary:
With October 2012 beginning with Neptune in Pisces at opposition with Venus, Leo must guard against being a little too trusting, especially with their lover or partner. Leo could well lead themselves open to being taken advantage of in more than one way. It only takes a few days at the start of October 2012 for Venus to move in to Virgo from Leo, and some of the vulnerability shown by Leo in the previous week or two is removed. The opposition of Neptune leaves Leo with a good opportunity to take stock of their own feelings and at the same time view people with a little more objectivity. Not everyone is out to help you. The rest of October 2012 gives Leo plenty of time for quiet contemplation with little more outside influence to pull on your strings.

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