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November 2012 Leo horoscope prediction:

This month you may need to look deeper inside yourself to decide what it is you really need. A time of solitude may be the answer so that you can clear your head and start to think more rationally. Look for happiness inside yourself before trying to find it in others.

Keep your head down in the work place, as much as you may feel you want to speak your mind, now is not the time to rock the boat. Concentrate on the task you, yourself has undertaken and try not let outside forces influence you. You know best what you are doing and the best way to go about it.

Don't allow others to dictate to you how you should be spending your money. Make your own decisions, you will be respected for it in the end by sticking to your guns. Keep a diary of all your expenditures too so that you can see where your money is going each month.

You may need to sort out matters closer to home before you go travelling anywhere this month. More practical matters need attending to. Make a list and then work your way down to the smallest detail. An email makes you think twice about going anywhere.

Now is the time to finally sort out any business that you have been pushing aside for too long. Roll up your sleeves and get down to it. Once everything is completed then you can finally relax, don't let anyone or anything stand in your way of getting the job done.

November 2012 Leo Summary:
With The Sun and its retinue of inner planets, Mercury and Venus as well as Mars squared well away from Leo this month, it is time for Leo to take charge of their own destiny and not allow other people's impositions. This is not to say Leo should take November 2012 as a time to go on the offensive, quite the opposite. Leo should grasp November as their month to get everything that has been pending or put off until a later date started and completed. You have time to plan things through from start to finish and work out your best path. At your workplace and in your home is where you can make the most progress by simply and quietly getting on with your own business without needing other people to get in the way. After a month of getting the practical jobs out of the way, the end of November will be interrupted by the progress of The Moon as it opposes The Sun and all of the inner planets in turn before slamming in to Leo in early December 2012 and doing its best to get its own way, which for Leo is when everyone else's opinions will be focussed on you, and you will just have to grin and bear it.

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