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September 2012 Leo horoscope prediction:

If you want your relationship to move forward then make sure you put the effort into it, make sure you return and appreciate any love and affection that is shown you. A romantic gesture towards the end of September 2012 such as a meal for two or even a few days away together just as Venus in Leo is squared with Mars and the North Node in Scorpio will work wonders for both of you.

You need to get your head out of the clouds and face the facts by the time the trine of Neptune in Pisces with Venus in Leo ends around September 14th 2012. Problems are not going to go by themselves, roll up you sleeves and tackle everything to the best of your ability. Delegate your duties though, just so you are not doing it all by yourself.

You will receive your reward this month when you benefit from all the recent saving you have done. Don't relax just yet though, as more is yet to come. The more effort you make, the bigger your success will be in the end.

If you want that dream holiday then you will have to stop dreaming and do something about it. Plan ahead about where you want to go and who you want to go with and then stick to those plans, your travel companion will get frustrated with you if you constantly change your mind.

If your home life is suffering it is up to you to make the changes necessary that will be of benefit to all. Make sure everyone pulls their weight though and soon everything will fall back in its place. A new picture bought with Venus in Leo is squared with Mars in Scorpio in mind brings joy to all.

September 2012 Leo Summary:
Once the trine of Neptune in Pisces with Venus in Leo ends around September 14th, your feet will fall firmly back down to earth with a bang. You will have to stop day dreaming and get down to the menial day to day tasks of work and home life. But the good news is the pondering of recent weeks can be put to good use at the end of the month. If you longed for a romantic break with a loved one, take the opportunity provided by the combined square of Venus with Mars and the North Node in Scorpio to get away somewhere exotic, or at least somewhere you have never been before.

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