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December 2013 Leo horoscope prediction:

December 2013 Leo Summary:
With another month of quiet planetary balance for Leo in December 2013, this is a month for making plans and getting ahead. Carrer moves are the order of the day as you should strive for more than you are currently achieving. There is so much more that you can give, although the over confidence you have shown in recent months might be something of a handicap for you. Rather than talking a good game, you must get out there and show your actual abilities. Get on with every one of your assigned roles and tasks and simply let your actions do the talking.
This is a good month for getting thing started at home too. Make some bold decisions and take action to see it through. New ideas in and around the home for decor and furnishings? Choose the brighter option each time.
By the end of December 2013 you will be in a good position romantically as your lover will feel the love you show in a positive way and not just in your words but in your deeds. Cook a romantic meal. Plan a romantic get away together.
If you are single, you should just let things flow naturally. You will soon catch the eye of someone special just by being the bight bubbly Leo that gets on well with everyone.

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