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June 2012 Leo horoscope prediction:

June 2012 is something of a restless time for Leo. Throughout the month Leo will have thoughts of what might be, and as a Leo you will question about the choices you have made that have lead to your current relationship situation. These thoughts will build to a crescendo during the June 20th sextile of Mercury and The Moon in Cancer with Mars in Virgo which is firmly focussed on Leo. Whether you like it or not, if something has to give relationship wise, this is the month when it will happen.

There will be times this month when you feel as if you have never achieved all of your career potential. This is a normal feeling for everyone from time to time, but for Leo, the sextile of Mercury and The Moon in Cancer with Mars in Virgo around June 20th these feelings will be heightened. You must think long and hard before making any decisions about work, as this alignment could well push you to make a rash decision on the subject.

Even if you are comfortable financially right now, resist any urges to make impulsive purchases. You are not in the right frame of mind for making sound financial decisions, especially during the Mercury sextile with Mars period.

The impulsiveness and restlessness proffered by the presence of Mercury in Cancer is actually something of a positive when it comes to quick trip away somewhere. Don't be thinking about the trip of a lifetime as that will take the sort of planning and concentration that is not the forte for Leo during June 2012. Be spontaneous and visit somewhere new with someone you don't usually travel with and the results could be greater than the sum of the parts.

The changes wrought by Mercury in Cancer will build through the month increasingly affecting Leo with highs and lows and times when nothing goes well. By the time of the Leo Mercury ingress on June 26th the average Leo may well be tired of being pulled in different directions by the demands of home life and friends and family. From the 26th onwards you would be better advised to take a little time to yourself and get a little rest.

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