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July 2012 Leo horoscope prediction:

You have to take your opportunities when they come, especially once the conjunction of The Moon, Jupiter and Venus in Gemini and sextile with Mercury in Leo on July 14th and 15th has passed, and then especially when The Sun enters Leo on July 22nd. Don't be afraid of making the first move on July 28th when The Sun and Mercury are in conjunction in Leo as the the benefits of being forward and speaking to that person you have your eye on are much greater than just finding out your feelings are not reciprocated.

If you have felt you have not achieved all you could have in your career, July 2012 is a time for every Leo to shine. Make the most of your time in The Sun after July 22nd. Start that new project. Ask for that salary raise. Make sure you get everything done by the very end of July before The Moon enters Aquarius to oppose The Sun in Leo.

After the belt tightening of recent months you may well be able to afford one or two little luxuries for you and your loved ones towards the end of this month. Don't go over the top though. You should not be on a spending spree, just one or two little gifts, as long as you also buy a little something for you.

An interesting time to go and explore somewhere new. You don't need to go on a huge expedition with the entire family, just a little time away to somewhere that will expand the mind and expose you to new surroundings. Consider a visit to an art gallery or museum during the week starting July 16th 2012 as this is an ideal time for Leo to learn something fresh.

July is always a good time for Leo to spend time out of the home and enjoying The Sun. Sometimes you need a little time away to appreciate what you have. You can start the big new household projects towards the end of July 2012 once Mercury has turned retrograde in Leo on July 15th, or even wait until next month when Leo has even more of The Sun.

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