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May 2012 Leo horoscope prediction:

Use your imagination to spice up your love life, or if you have not got one, then why are you sitting around waiting for things to happen? Get yourself out, mix and mingle, you are bound to find that special someone!

A bit more research will take you a lot further in achieving your goals this month. Keep working your hard and you will soon reap the rewards of from your efforts. A Virgo woman holds the key to the secret to success.

Keep your eyes wide open this month for you will find plenty of ideas to inspire you. Money making is easier than you think but do beware of quick rich schemes, if something is too good to be true then it is!

A short journey will bring you a blast from the past, a familiar face will once more come back into your life. How you react to this is entirely up to you. Some of your most precious memories are the ones you have spent with this person.

Make sure you let everyone know who is boss in your own home, don't allow others to walk all over you. Be firm and make clear your expectations, if they do not like it then it may be time to make a fresh start with someone else.

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