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July 2013 Leo horoscope prediction:

Make the most of a positive month of July 2013 for Leo now your ruling luminary The Sun is heading your way. Friendship is high on the agenda, ideal for making your current relationship stronger, and if you are single this is an ideal time to meet someone new. Relax, smile, and let it happen.

With a favourable Sun position you have a chance for some career advancement during July 2013. Try not to get ahead of yourself as you feet still have to touch the ground.

Have a look at any proposals from friends this month as there will be at least one opportunity for Leo to have a nice little earner.

You are always thinking of somewhere in the sun to visit once July comes around, and this year is no exception. Get some vacation brochures and make plans.

Despite the fact not everyone sees eye to eye in your family circle, you will find July 2013 a time when you can bring people closer together.

July 2013 Leo Summary:
July 2013 is an interesting and largely positive time for Leo. It is the time of the year when your ruling Luminary, The Sun, arrives in Leo, a time that every Leo looks forward too, but as always July is also the time when the inner planets are in the vicinity of Leo.
You already have the uplift provided by Venus, which begins July 2013 in Leo, to boost your spirits, and this continues until July 22nd when Venus moves in to neighbouring Virgo. As well as making Leo feel good inside, Venus in isolation in Leo allows us to see the best in ourselves and in others. We like what we see and enjoy the company of others. An ideal time for Leo to make new friends and even find a new love. For those Leo already in a relationship this is a time to renew your vows and strengthen the bonds between you. Relationships of all kinds are good for Leo.
July 22nd is also the day when The Sun arrives in Leo. Expect your emotions to spin a little as the loss of Venus and the arrival of The Sun push and pull Leo in different ways. Once The Sun is settled in Leo you will find yourself in a position of warmth and well being. The one thing you must guard against is getting a little ahead of yourself. Leo with The Sun has a tendency for a little too much self promotion and a liking to boast of past and probable future successes. Take care not to push someone's nose out of place with your words unless you actually back this up with grand deeds. But if its true, its not a boast!

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NEW in 2013: July 2013 Leo daily planetary chart »

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