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August 2013 Gemini horoscope prediction:

Time to make some future relationship plans for Gemini. With planetary aspects currently freeing up your thoughts and spirits August 2013 is well placed to strengthen romantic bonds and improve the feelings between you. If you are single and looking, August 2013 could well be a time to find someone very compatible.

You must take your time to think you way around any problems in the workplace rather than trying to talk your way out of things. One step back from the hustles and you can move forwards whilst avoiding too much conflict.

You may be tempted to splash out on a few luxuries this month, but you must pick and choose your outgoings carefully.

You might not actually get away any time soon, but this month you can dream and contemplate exotic destinations better than ever before.

Time to stand up and make sure things go more your way in the home. Do not get drawn in to the questions and comments other family members would like to draw you in to as this will simply deflect you off track.

August 2013 Gemini Summary:
For Gemini, August 2013 can become a period of inner growth and building for the future. With Jupiter no longer a dominant force in your psyche, you can make big plans in many different aspects of your life, safe in the knowledge you can move always in the direction that suits you best rather than being under the control of others.
Become more assertive in your relationships with others rather than accepting the impositions of others. You are your own person after all, you just need the planetary isolation that Gemini now experiences to see this for yourself.
With The Sun and inner planets as well as Jupiter a receding memory, you will get stronger as the month of August continues. You should especially look forward to the very end of the month when The Moon passes through Gemini and in to Cancer, something that will put some people on the back foot and will allow you to make your way in to the limelight. Show people the positive aspects of Gemini and your versatile ability to cope with everything that life imposes.

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NEW in 2013: August 2013 Gemini daily planetary chart »

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