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July 2013 Gemini horoscope prediction:

This is the time when you should find out what it is you really want, starting with The Moon's conjunction with Mars in Gemini on July 6th. You are best having some time alone to rethink in what direction you choose to go to.

Be honest with yourself and those around you over what it is you wish to achieve in life, it is your decision to make, don't be swayed by other peoples opinions.

Enjoy the money that you have earned in the only way you know best. You have every right to live the life you want, others are only jealous of your good fortune.

This is the best time for you to pack your bags and leave your troubles behind, good times are ahead in special places you have yet to venture out to.

You have the world at your feet, what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy your life to the full, there is nothing to stop you only your own inhibitions.

July 2013 Gemini Summary:
July 2013 begins with a period of conflict for Gemini, especially with some of the authority figures in your life. The effect of a now isolated Mars in Gemini becomes somewhat negative as The Moon passes through conjunction with Mars in Gemini on July 6th 2013, and all without the power provided by Jupiter in Gemini that has added power to you for the previous 12 months. You will have to simply back down and bide your time for a few days until this aspect passes.
Once this period passes Gemini can settle back to a more regular and quieter routine. Yes you no longer have Jupiter working in your favour, and The Sun has now passed well into the other Zodiac signs, but you have quite a balanced planetary aspect for the coming weeks.
From July 13th when Mars moves in to Cancer you will feel a lot calmer and more able to make your own decisions for a change. It might take some time to get used to being without Jupiter, but then when you come to see you can also work on your own as well you will come to enjoy the freedoms you now have.
Make the next few months a time to get out and about under your own terms. Plan some trips to places you have never been to before, and get out and meet new people. You will grow spiritually from your travels.

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NEW in 2013: July 2013 Gemini daily planetary chart »

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