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September 2013 Gemini horoscope prediction:

September 2013 Gemini Summary:
With some time alone for Gemini in September 2013, you might think this is a time you can sit back relax and let others do the both the thinking and the doing. Gemini could easily sit back and let the month pass at a slumber. But that totally misses the point and the opportunity afforded by The Sun in Virgo squared with Gemini. In actually this is a month when Gemini can show the most original of thoughts and inspirational ideas. Familiarity is not the best place for Gemini to sit. New experience and forthcoming adventures must be the order of every day.
You still have the energy inside following the passing of The Sun and the inner planets in the past couple of months. With changing times on their way for Gemini over the next couple of months as planetary opposition builds you must use your current energies to make the most of things right now, and be prepared for what happens next.
Your thoughts and abilities to plan ahead and see the best path to take are well in evidence, and you should make the most of this. Plan your yearly vacation or that special family occasion right now. Seek out the opinions of family and friends. Speak to your partner and find out what other people think, and then make your own decisions. In the end you have the best of the planetary aspects and you are the one others should be calling on for advice, even if they can't see that themselves.

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NEW in 2013: September 2013 Gemini daily planetary chart »

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