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September 2013 Cancer horoscope prediction:

September 2013 Cancer Summary:
By now Cancer is well used to the presence of Jupiter in isolation, but with the opposition of Pluto also part of the picture things are never going to be as easy as ride as you would like. In many ways Jupiter and Pluto are already opposites, one is the King of the Gods, the other is the God of the Underworld. And herein lies the problem and also the solution. For Cancer, September 2013 is a time for negotiation with those people around you. Discussion and compromise will get you far this month. There will seldom be times when you are in full agreement with people, especially the squared signs with Uranus in Aries and with the inner planets in and then later in the month The Sun in Libra.
The first aspect to look at is in your love life. Unless you are the partner of a fellow Cancer there will be differences of opinion that at times might beget heated discussions between you. As the Cancerian you need to set the agenda and recommend the way forward, but do not expect your lover to fully be on your side throughout.
The workplace will prove something of a mine field for Cancer during September 2013 as you need to tread the thin line between making positive suggestions and annoying certain people with your words. There is no rule to follow here, all signs will react differently to what you say. You have to take every person how you find then, with a particular light touch with Aries and Libra.
One good point this month is that your business sense is ideally placed to make financial negotiations. Read and understand every single word of the small print before signing any document, but know that you can come out on top of any financial discussion given the right amount of thought and effort. Just do not jump in to something without showing due diligence at all times.

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NEW in 2013: September 2013 Cancer daily planetary chart »

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