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October 2013 Cancer horoscope prediction:

October 2013 Cancer Summary:
The continuing opposition of Jupiter in Cancer with Pluto in Capricorn brings these opposites in to a focus on the conflicts within Cancer. Cancer must to look deep inside their own spirituality and try feel their own way through the possible paths through this conflict. On one side you have the power of Jupiter making you want to conform with the conventional thinking of the majority of people, and on the other side Pluto is adding more than a little self doubt in to the Cancer psyche.
It is best to face the thoughts early in the month as the positions of The Sun in Leo in direct opposition with Uranus in Aries are perfectly squared against Cancer, giving you a better chance of peaceful thoughts and an even approach to internal struggles. You will get nowhere fast if you continually blurt out your innermost feelings to people around you, especially in the workplace. Best keep your head down and get on with things inside until later in the month.
Towards the end of October 2013 after The Sun moves out of Leo in to Scorpio, you will need to knuckle down and make the most of the less cluttered planetary aspects. This is the time to asses your work and home situation for the next month or two and work out if there are any short term goals that you must hit, and any that you can get done a little later. You must prioritise.
Take this time to also look closely at your love life as your indecision early in the month could well leave your partner wondering just exactly where your relationship is headed. You need them fully on your side.

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NEW in 2013: October 2013 Cancer daily planetary chart »

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