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July 2013 Aries horoscope prediction:

Things could be heating up but not in a good way in your romantic relationships, learn to listen before you speak your mind in the next few weeks. The Sun squared against Aries does not allow you to take any liberties.

Don't allow others to drag you down, you know what is best for you. Keep your head up and make sure you fill all the blanks where you need to.

Make sure you know how and when to spend your money, not everyone has the same intentions as yourself. Someone is bound to try to take advantage of The Sun squared against your sign to try something unscrupulous.

A short journey takes you to where you want to be this month, things have a way of sorting themselves out, you just need to be patient.

A friendly face comes back into your life and you will realise where your true potential lies.

July 2013 Aries Summary:
As The Sun in Cancer passes though square with Uranus in Aries during July 2013, there is a tendency for you as an Aries to become a little complacent in your various relationships. There is a thought that you can do as you please and that others should put up or shut up. This arrogance can only lead to conflict with those around you if you do not spot this as a negative trait. You risk undoing the efforts that you and they have made over the previous months when The Sun and inner planets were closer in their perturbations with Aries.
You may think you have good ideas this month but you are not the best at explaining yourself to others. This will cause you more than a few issues in the workplace and in your relationships with family and friends if you do not allow others to have their say. It is no use shouting louder than others if the things you are saying are not being listened to.
Once The Sun in Cancer has passed square with Uranus you will be better able to accept the opinions of others. In truth you should wait until after July 22nd when The Sun moves in to Leo. Yes you might come back down to earth with a bang at this point, but overall it will be for the best. Hopefully you have not pushed to many noses out of place in the previous few weeks, and you can begin to rebuild things with those close to you. Make especial efforts with your work colleagues who have more than probably missed your usual hard work. Things are beginning to improve.

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NEW in 2013: July 2013 Aries daily planetary chart »

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