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August 2013 Aries horoscope prediction:

The Sun and Uranus aspects at the beginning of August 2013 are not ideally suited to long term relationship thinking. You must think day by day and do your best not to blurt out any words that in hindsight you wish you had not. You would be best advised to wait until late in the month before making any special plans. You will be glad you did in the end.

You might have big ideas but you need to think who you should bring in to your confidence. Say the wrong thing to the wrong person and you might end up back at square one. Plan your way carefully.

There is a strong urge to go off on a tangent without thinking of the consequences this month. You should hold off from any major decisions until after The Sun Uranus trines pass.

You might just want to get away from everyone for a time this month. If you want to spend some time alone then go and do it.

Unless you concentrate your energy on something positive there is a big chance Aries will be the cause of and arguments in and around the home rather than the cure. Do not make comments on subjects you do not need to.

August 2013 Aries Summary:
With The Sun in Leo trined against Uranus in Aries at the beginning of August 2013, there is a big possibility of Aries getting ahead of themselves with ideas rather higher than what is possible. Your Aries ego, which is still on a high after the previous few months, will need keeping in check if you want to get on well with those around you.
Even if you have the right ideas and really do know what is best for everyone, your over confident and even arrogant assertions will not win people over. When The Sun Uranus aspect passes, especially after The Sun moves out of Leo and in to Virgo on August 23rd, you will begin to get on better with people, and your relationships will benefit as a result. At this point however you might be expending all of your energies placating those people you have rubbed up the wrong way in weeks past.
This is the time to humbly swallow your pride and apologise to anyone you need on your side in the future. Make an especial effort in your love life as the partners of Aries will not be happy right now. Time for a special gift or some special plans for time together.

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NEW in 2013: August 2013 Aries daily planetary chart »

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