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July 2013 Aquarius horoscope prediction:

An ideal opportunity to renew the bonds in your relationship. You have a future together that can blossom in to something special. With such a balanced planetary aspect for Aquarius you should make the most of this time together. For single Aquarius, July 2013 puts you in a good light that you can count on to meet some new people.

July 2013 begins with Aquarius in a good light to those around you. Take the opportunity to discuss with colleagues any ideas you have a for workplace suggestions and improvements. Don't be too despondent after The Sun moves in to opposition in Leo on July 22nd if things do not run as smoothly.

Always do your own thing with your own money. Other people should mind their own finances and not attempt to interfere.

Plan some days out with those close to you early in the month to make the most of the favourable planetary aspects for Aquarius.

A month of mixed blessing for Aquarius in the home, as the start of the month sees you in a good light with people close to you. Once The Sun moves in to opposition on July 22nd you might not be able to make everyone see eye to eye.

July 2013 Aquarius Summary:
With Venus in Leo at opposition with Aquarius at the start of July 2013, it is a good time to strengthen your bonds with close friends and especially your romantic partner. The balance afforded by Saturn in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries provide you with a firm basis for discussing your future together. This is a calm time in the life of Aquarius, and your level headed approach will be much appreciated.
As the month progresses however, you will begin to feel a little under pressure to have your affairs in order before the combined effects of Venus moving out of opposition and the impending ingress of The Sun in to Leo on July 22nd put you under more scrutiny in your love life than is usual. Make sure you keep your calm even if there is malicious gossip pointed at you, and that the people who really count, especially your partner know the real truth.
Under such circumstances your chances of progress in the workplace and in your finances will be under the wrong sort of negative progress. Do not allow the comments of others push you away from what you know is best for you, although at work you may have to step back and stay out of the limelight for a period as you will not be able to get anything done past your normal duties. Just concentrate on getting your own job done correctly.
You will probably have to put on hold any other major plans you have in your life well past the end of the month and even until The Sun moves out of Leo late in August.

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NEW in 2013: July 2013 Aquarius daily planetary chart »

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