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October 2013 Virgo horoscope prediction:

October 2013 Virgo Summary:
With Neptune in Pisces still opposing Virgo, and with the imminent arrival of Mars to contend with, Virgo may well find some upheavals in love and life during October 2013.
This is actually a good time for a single Virgo to meet someone new. Remember, it is nothing to do with the place where you meet someone, it is the person themselves. You might consider getting out and about a bit more, do some museum visits for example, see if your local art gallery has any special events on this month, a good place to mingle. The continuing Neptune in Pisces effects make you especially thoughtful and willing to learn new ideas.
Mars enters Virgo on October 15th, and is in direct opposition to Neptune on October 16th. This is not a time for a crisis of confidence as you must continue to put your own needs at the top of your own agenda.
Your career will come under a lot of scrutiny from your colleagues, and you may find yourself having to defend your actions and words for a time. You might feel like you need to move on and find a new path.
In a similar way many Virgo this month will see a need to get away from any conflicts at home too. You will be under pressure from many different directions, and yes you should take a break. If you need to just away on your own for a couple of days and come back renewed and with more confidence in yourself to fight your own corner.

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NEW in 2013: October 2013 Virgo daily planetary chart »

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