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November 2013 Virgo horoscope prediction:

There is a chance you might impulsively say the wrong thing to your partner this month. There are some things that are best left in the past if you want to stay together. Later in the month the planetary aspects focus a much better ability in thought for Virgo, making this an especially positive time for a single Virgo to meet someone new for something more than just a quick fling.

November 2013 is not the ideal time for seeking out more responsibility in your job, or in finding a new role if you are currently looking. The first few weeks will be difficult for Virgo, although late in the month your thinking abilities will come back and help you make progress.

Avoid any impulsive purchases during the first couple of weeks of November 2013 as the planetary aspects are pushing Virgo away from their usual ability to think things through before making a decision.

You will not be ideally placed to go making any big travel arrangements, especially at the beginning of November. Bide your time and make your plans in a few weeks from now.

Do not go making any drastic changes to your home this month. This is not the time for starting any major DIY projects, as you are not well placed for getting it right. If you get the urge stick to things that can be put back, like rearranging the furniture.

November 2013 Virgo Summary:
November 2013 for Virgo is dominated with the opposition of Mars in Virgo with Neptune in Pisces early in the month. Your tendency to act impulsively under this alignment is something you need to guard against while the the opposition is at its height. It is difficult for you to look forwards and plan ahead, something that will negatively affect different aspects of your life. There will be little point in thinking about any major changes such as any big career moves or take out any large financial commitments.
Your friends may keep their distance from you until your moods are a little more predictable. There is a big chance your romantic relationship could suffer if you go flying off the handle at the slightest problem.
Later in the month Virgo gets something of a release, and the clarity of thought comes back. If you are single you will find your openness and approachability will make it easier for you to get a date. Remember to speak nothing but positive words on your date however, as you will still be a little impulsive and at times too honest. There are some things you simply do not need to tell a new acquaintance.
Something to guard against as the Mars Neptune aspect passes are your organisational skills. Your ability to concentrate and get things completed is at a low point and you may well find this affecting you in the workplace. It is time to call on others and delegate tasks where you can to keep things running smoothly. If you lose the trust of those around you it will take a long time to build this back up, so do not over complicate what you are doing. November 2013 is a back to basics time for Virgo.

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