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August 2013 Virgo horoscope prediction:

Spend the first part of August 2013 making the most of the positive planetary aspects for Virgo in love. This is an ideal time, with Virgo dominated by Venus, to find a new partner if you are single or to renew your vows if you are already part of a couple. Don't late the changes late in the month push you off track.

You will be called on by colleagues to offer advice and encouragement at a time when things are not going as smoothly for some. Take care not to isolate anyone however, as you will actually need to call on their support in the short term one you come under the glare of The Sun.

With your easy and approachable nature during August 2013 you may well find more than one sob story being directed your way. Avoid the urge to help out as they ate just out to see what they can get from you.

Plan a romantic break and get away as soon as you can whilst Virgo is still influenced by Venus. It is the planning that is important even if you don't get away before the August 16th egress of the planet in to Libra.

Get friends and family around the dinner table as soon as and do not let petty quarrels get in the way. You are the ideal host for a party this month.

August 2013 Virgo Summary:
August 2013 is a month of contrasts for Virgo. The month begins with Venus in Virgo in isolation until August 16th, when it moves in to neighbouring Libra. Venus has Virgo at their most intuitive when it comes to other people's thoughts and feelings. You have the ability to listen to people's problems and come up with a solution to help them through. Your ability to smooth the way and calm the waters may well be called on at home and especially in the workplace.
After Venus leaves and before The Sun and Mercury arrive on August 23rd, you have a little period of calm before you have to deal with the new aspects. Fast moving Mercury under the glare of The Sun will have you reeling backwards for a time, as you work out how best to deflect an unwanted attention following the previous few weeks of assistance you have been providing.
Virgo must guard against being taken advantage of during the last week of August 2013. There will be people out there set to make the most of you accommodating mood and try and take you for more than you had best allow. Be especially weary of casual acquaintances with big ideas for you to follow. Virgo must revert to type and spend efforts to thing things through before making any type of commitment.

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NEW in 2013: August 2013 Virgo daily planetary chart »

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