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July 2013 Virgo horoscope prediction:

Virgo must strive to keep their feet on the ground during July 2013. You have an tendency to go off in to the clouds in your mind, not the ideal thoughts for planing a future together with your partner. Single Virgos could be too expectant in the wants they have for a new love to make good decisions on who that could actually be.

July 2013 may not be the best time to seek new employment, as you have ideas that are somewhat above what is practically achievable. Once The Sun enters Virgo on July 22nd things will get a little more settled.

You might have big ideas this month but you would be better advised to bide your time without making too big a commitment that you cannot cope with in future months.

All of your dreamy ways will have you wanting to seek pastures new. Once The Sun enters Virgo On July 22nd you will have a good idea of when and where you would like to set out to. Don't miss this opportunity. Book that vacation.

There may be a certain amount of conflict in and around your friends and family this month, but by and large it will wash over you as it is simply not on your mind to join in. Let others work things through for themselves.

July 2013 Virgo Summary:
July 2013 is a time of travels for Virgo, but voyages of the mind in most cases. With the position of The Sun in Cancer at opposition with Pluto in Capricorn for the first few weeks of the month, combined with the continuing presence of Neptune in Pisces, you will feel an emotional pull on you away from your normal daily routine. The for Virgo urge to get away from things gets stronger as The Sun gets closer to Leo in the middle of the month, even though the direct opposition of The Sun with Pluto lessens. You may find yourself getting a little isolated from those people you should be close to.
The main thing for Virgo to embrace is to not let this feeling get out of hand. There is a tendency to prematurely give up on things that appear not to be going your way completely. This can happen in the workplace and in relationships. You must look at the people close to you objectively rather then wishfully. You are not always looking at people in the best light under these circumstances, and you may loose out on some important meetings and liaisons because of this.
After July 22nd when Venus arrives in Virgo and The Sun leaves Cancer you can get a little more settled in your feelings. This is the time to actually plan your next vacation, and most importantly who you are going to travel with.
The effects of Venus in Virgo at this time will actually help you build back the bridges you my have allowed to close off in the previous weeks. Remember who your real friends are.

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NEW in 2013: July 2013 Virgo daily planetary chart »

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