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October 2013 Taurus horoscope prediction:

October 2013 Taurus Summary:
With both Venus and Mercury joining Saturn in Scorpio at opposition with Taurus at the start of October 2013, the perturbations to your routine and mixed up feelings that Taurus endured in late September continue to wreak their negative vibes on you. You are not a good person to be around with your emotions in such a turmoil. Things build to the point when The Moon passes through Scorpio and conjunctions with Mercury and Saturn in short order on October 6th, causing even greater affects on your negative thoughts. But just before the Moon's conjunction with Venus, the planet moves out in to Sagittarius, and giving Taurus emotions something of a respite for the first time in a few weeks.
With Mercury and Saturn now in conjunction for a time you will feel very isolated at a time when you just need to let things out and confide in a close friend. Your emotions will stay on the inside rather than being something you will find easy to discuss.
For long periods this changeability in Taurus will be causing major upheavals in your love life. Your partner will have no idea how to approach you and will not have any idea from one minute to the next what to expect from you.
Your career will be on a back burner whilst you get through this time. Do not expect an easy ride in the workplace with such an unpredictable Taurus. At home your family and friends will be giving you a wide berth until you settle down and become somewhat calmer. There will be no chance of getting away from things without their help either.
On October 23rd The Sun moves in to Scorpio and in to opposition with Taurus, and the direction conjunction of Mercury and Saturn has passed, giving Taurus a much needed mood double boost. Rather than try and get some new projects up and running, relax for a little and just let yourself bask in The Sun's glow from the other side of the Zodiac for a little while.

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NEW in 2013: October 2013 Taurus daily planetary chart »

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