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December 2013 Taurus horoscope prediction:

December 2013 Taurus Summary:
With The Sun no longer at opposition during December 2013, Taurus is now free to concentrate on their own affairs without the spotlight of attention from all and sundry. Your decisions are now your own and you can do as you please without having to worry what the gossipers out there think of you and your choices. With Saturn still in opposition for some time to come, and Mercury swiftly moving out of opposition over the early part of December, Taurus can think big without any unduly negative comments from others.
If you are already in a relationship you should plan to do some new things with your partner. Take the lead and make some new suggestions for things to do together as a couple. They will like your positive energy and appreciate you make the moves.
If you are a single Taurus looking to impress someone new, it is time to widen your horizons and try some new activities. If a friend suggests a new place to hang out, go see what's what. Be bold.
In work many things will fall in to place with you taking the lead and showing others how you can be the mover and the shaker around here. Not everything you try will succeed, but the efforts of trying will push you forwards.
December 2013 is also a time for Taurus to go exploring. You should get out of the house more and see what your local area has to offer before moving further afield. But there is a big world out there waiting for the bold Taurus to go and find it.

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