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September 2013 Scorpio horoscope prediction:

September 2013 Scorpio Summary:
With September 2013 beginning with Saturn in isolation in Scorpio for a few days, you are in a good mood for chat and conversation. Planetary aspects lend themselves to easy communication for Scorpio. Take the chance to speak to friends and family and make some good plans together whilst the opportunity continues. Do everything you can to build bridges with everyone in your life an the people who are important to you.
Things begin to change when The Moon moves in to conjunction with Saturn on September 9th, followed a couple of days later by the ingress of Venus in to Scorpio. Your feelings of friendship will change, and you may well become a lot more critical of those close to you. Try your best not to put too many demands on your romantic partner. Your mood is not entirely down to them, and you must not apportion blame when it is not appropriate. If you are single and looking to meet someone new you might find no one meets your standards during this period, and you might miss dating someone very worthwhile due to very petty reasons. Try not to make excuses of other people when the negative vibes come from you.
Try to resolve your opinions and banish any negative thoughts before the end of the month as the ingress of Mercury on September 29th will do nothing for your mood if you are seeing nothing but the dark side of others.

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NEW in 2013: September 2013 Scorpio daily planetary chart »

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