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September 2012 Scorpio horoscope prediction:

Your romantic life may be full of drama at the moment but right now it will be wise to keep your cool and think long and hard before you speak. Venus in Leo squared with Mars in Scorpio during September 2012 will cause more than a few questioning words from your partner. If you find yourself giving more than you are getting back from Jupiter in Gemini, it may be time to call it a day.

Some people are just full of hot air, buoyed up by the effects that Jupiter in Gemini has on Scorpio. Don't let them get to you. You know deep down you are the better person. You may feel that you are pulled into something you do not want to get involved in. Remain calm and just state how you feel in clear, no uncertain terms.

Do not be tempted by anything that appears too good to be true. The only way you will earn a fortune is by perseverance and hard work. The sooner you realise that the quicker you will discover the road to success.

Personal relationships appear to be somewhat strained this month, it may be wise to postpone any family vacations for the time being. Find a way to call a truce and make peace with loved ones and then you will be able to enjoy your quality time together.

Things come to a head in the home front and you may find yourself in the middle of a conflict you really do not want to be part off. Take a step back and tell those involved that you do not wish to be dragged into their problem. You may need to spend some time in solitude until peace and quiet is restored and Jupiter in Gemini is not such an unworthy influence on Scorpio.

September 2012 Scorpio Summary:
September 2012 focuses a lot of energy on Scorpio, both positive and negative. As the pressures build to a high point on September 19th, you will feel pulled from all sides and pushed in as many directions. Interpersonal relationships will become particularly strained as Venus in Leo squares against Mars in Scorpio. With Jupiter in Gemini adding something of an authoritarian aspect to the mix you may do well to back down and keep calm even if you have the urge to jump up and shout.

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