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August 2012 Scorpio horoscope prediction:

We all have our own opinion, and the ingress of Mars whilst the changeable Moon is already in Scorpio, could cause you to have more disagreements than usual this month with a certain member of the opposite sex. Before stating your case, take a deep breath, stay calm and think before you speak, this will work wonders towards any sort of reconciliation.

Don't allow differences of opinion to hold you back during the Mars And Moon conjunction, respect that others have other ideas, listen to them carefully then agree to disagree. You know what your own capabilities are, concentrate on those and you will only become bigger and stronger.

You may be at odds over what to spend your money on this month, the best thing you can do is not to spend any at all if you don't need to. Instead put it into a savings account, watch it grow and then it will become to be worth a lot more to you then than it is now.

You don't need to travel afar to find what it is you are looking for. You will find peace and solitude in the comfort of your own surroundings. Find a quiet spot and relax and meditate, this will give you the ability to think more rationally.

Be prepared for ups and downs in the home this month, don't allow arguments to spiral out of control. Allow everyone there own breathing space and in time, relationships will slowly improve as soon as there is more understanding of everybody's needs.

August 2012 Scorpio Summary:
Scorpio must work hard at all relationships in the first three weeks of August 2012. The August 23rd ingress of Mars whilst the changeable Moon is already in Scorpio will cause opinion divergences with the opposite sex that could cause ongoing arguments if you are not well prepared.

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