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June 2013 Scorpio horoscope prediction:

Don't allow the minor setbacks and inner planet opposition of recent times to drag you down, pick yourself up shake off the dust and get out there and mingle. Your social life is looking full this month, make the most of it while the power of Saturn in Scorpio is at its height.

You will have your chance to shine this month and those that have overlooked you will finally sit up and take notice, once you put forth any new ideas that you have.

As your life seems to be getting busier and more sociable do be wary of how much you are spending, you may need to put some aside for that rainy day.

Don't pass up the chance to go travelling this month, there will be someone waiting for you once you reach your destination.

You have a lot more going for you than you realise, don't worry about what others are thinking, it is your life and you should choose how to live it.

June 2013 Scorpio Summary:
June 2013 is something of a respite for Scorpio following the interesting times of April and May. Now that The Sun and inner planets have moved out of direct opposition with Saturn in Scorpio you can get back on your spiritual path once more. The thoughts and ideas that were festering a few months ago when things were quieter for Scorpio under the sole influence of Saturn can come back and work for you now and in the coming couple of months.
At the very end of May 2013 the planet Mars also moved out of Cancer and opposition with Scorpio, meaning you can begin June with a much easier path romantically. The first thing you should address are any cracks that may have formed between you and your partner. Scorpio: it is up to you to make the first move. The same goes for any singleton Scorpios. There are no second prizes in love, and unless you take the chance and accept the possibility of being rejected, something that happens to each and every one of us over time, you will never find the one for you.
Any problems that have occurred in your work life will need a similar approach to mend. You need to get people back on your side by openly networking and gaining new friends. You have a lot to offer during your spiritual thought journey as powered by Saturn, and your colleagues will welcome your input on may different subjects.
Overall June 2013 is a good time to be a Scorpio, and a chance for new horizons in your life journey.

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NEW in 2013: June 2013 Scorpio daily planetary chart »

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