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October 2012 Sagittarius horoscope prediction:

You will need to tread carefully this month as though you may want to speak your mind empowered by the impending opposition of Jupiter in Gemini with Mars in Sagittarius on October 28th 2012, you could end up upsetting those closest to you. This is not the time for being selfish but listening to your partners wants and needs as well as taking care of your own. You may have no choice but to back down if you want your relationship to improve.

It is the nature of Sagittarius to be bold and speak your mind but in this case it would be very unwise. Hold your tongue at work as you may make matters a whole lot worse by being too forceful with your opinion. Keep your head down and remain silent, however hard it might be.

Be careful about making any rash purchases this month, it may be tempting to splash your cash but you will have to save for that rainy day that will inevitably come your way. Saving will pay off in the long run though and bring you more peace of mind.

You will find greater comfort in your own home surroundings this month. Spend more quality time with family and loved ones, this will be of great benefit to you all. You will have plenty of time later in the year to spread your wings and travel to your dream destination.

Life seems unfair at times, but you will have to try and not make any rash decisions. The key here is to give and take a little. You may feel the need to run but it is better for you if you stayed put and learned to compromise with loved ones.

October 2012 Sagittarius Summary:
For Sagittarius, October 2012 is dominated by the opposition of Jupiter in Gemini with Mars in Sagittarius late in the month, reaching its zenith on October 28th 2012. From the ingress of Mars on October 7th, you will feel even bolder than in previous months. In many different aspects of your life, as a Sagittarius you will have a free spirit and urge to prove yourself. Even if sometimes the answer is actually and correctly 'no', you will find it difficult to back down, often stepping over the line in to making rash comments if you do not get your own way. As the opposition with Jupiter grows to the climax you must beware your impulsiveness and take care with just exactly who's toes you are stepping on. Saying the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time is completely within your grasp. Don't take the opportunity.

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