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July 2013 Sagittarius horoscope prediction:

There are changes in the stars for Sagittarius at some point in July 2013. You will by now be feeling a little lost after the opposition of Jupiter has ended. You must sit down with your partner and discuss your needs and wants before things get out of hand. But if you are single, the changes can only be for the good.

Sometimes you must take a step or two back before you can move forward. Progress along your current path will be difficult and you should look in different directions for inspiration.

It is all too east to get bogged down trying to cover all of the basic things this month, and you should at some point do a little me spending.

It will do you good to get away from things just on your own for a change. You don't need to go everywhere with someone, and on your own you can please yourself without worry.

Your words to close family and friends will be misconstrued at some point during July 2013. There is no way to avoid this, and you should stick to your guns and not allow yourself to be brow beaten by an older relative who should know better.

July 2013 Sagittarius Summary:
July 2013 is something of a new start for Sagittarius. For the previous 12 months Sagittarius has had the opposition of Jupiter in Gemini creating both a foundation for Sagittarius to stand on, and a restriction in the ability of Sagittarius to make their own plans in isolation. Whilst you are newly finding your way without this planetary opposition you may feel a little lost and wondering in which direction you should turn, when you get used to the fact you can choose any way, and therefore be completely selfish about your choices, you will soon come to appreciate things just the way they are.
This is the time to throw out the old. This could mean in your relationships as well as the other clutter in your life. If there are people who are a negative force in your life then it is time to end the relationships. You really do have no need for people who's only affect on you is to hold you back.
All this leads to something of a culture shock for those close to you. You may find yourself having to explain your ways to people, and you may not always get the reaction from them that you expect. Some people just cannot stand change. But if you have to move on you have to move on. You will have decisions to make, but the good news is, they are all completely your choices.

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NEW in 2013: July 2013 Sagittarius daily planetary chart »

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