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August 2012 Sagittarius horoscope prediction:

You have felt that you have been cast adrift but you do have the opportunity this month to make amends with a loved one while Venus in Gemini positioned harmoniously against the Lunar North Node in Sagittarius. Take it as this may be the one and last chance you have to show your true feelings.

Your skills will be stretched at the utmost at work this month. Your knowledge will be put to the test by Venus in Gemini as others will be asking you for advice. You can and will overcome this though as you have been through this many times before and know it will all fall into place.

This month gives you a bit of reprieve with your finances, you may even win a small fortune. Enjoy and make the most of it as you never know when it will happen again. Spoil yourself a little too, you will feel better for it.

You may be uncertain whether this is the right time to have a vacation. Enjoy your time away and make the most of the break, you will be able to recharge your batteries and start afresh once you return home.

Your plans will pay off big time this month. You have run a tight and smooth ship on the home front and you understand just where others are coming from. Appreciate the good times and learn to overcome the bad times and all will remain well.

August 2012 Sagittarius Summary:
With Venus in Gemini positioned harmoniously against the Lunar North Node in Sagittarius you should take opportunities to build bridges and make long term plans at home and work. Your organisational skills are at maximum and others will likely call on your advice.

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