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September 2012 Sagittarius horoscope prediction:

Make your intentions clear so that there is no confusion this month. Events that have happened in the past can come back to haunt you, but this is only because you have not been able to let things go while Jupiter is at opposition with Sagittarius in Gemini. Remember you can't control what has already happened but you can control what happens in the future. You must take charge and make sure you move on and upwards spiritually as a partner and a lover.

Take a more active role in your job and you will get the recognition that you deserve, you will also discover, to your surprise that you actually have a hidden talent. Don't allow anything or anyone hold you back under the authority figure of Jupiter opposition with Sagittarius as this will be your one and only chance of success.

Your spending is getting more and more out of hand. Stop and think whether or not you really need an item before parting with your cash. Only you have the power to change old habits, this month will give you the opportunity to do so. Let your finances grow a little.

Take some time out this month to be by yourself. You needn't travel too far to find peace of mind. Even sitting somewhere quiet with no outside distractions will do you good. This month also brings you closer to nature and helps you to learn to appreciate what it has to offer you.

This month you will discover that family and close friends are far more important than material objects. Relationships improve by spending more quality time with those that are closest to you and discussing positively rather than getting in to a shouting match around the Lunar opposition and transits of September 8th and 21st. Someone also brings you some shocking but surprisingly good news around the time The Moon shows its affects.

September 2012 Sagittarius Summary:
With Jupiter set for a long term stay at opposition with Sagittarius in Gemini, and with less than the average amount of other influences outside the monthly lunar aspects, September 2012 is a time for Sagittarius to grow. Jupiter often affects authority, and can lead to complications in various relationships as the protagonists vie for supremacy. Sagittarius must guard against fanning any flames and simply stay away from being embroiled in this type of argument. The September 8th Jupiter conjunction with The Moon and the lunar transit of Sagittarius around September 21st are the most likely flash points.

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