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The Planet Venus

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The Planet Venus exalted in Pisces - rules over Friday.

The Planet Venus, Earth's twin and third brightest object in the sky behind only The Sun and The Moon, is also known as The Evening Star or The Morning Star depending on where in the sky it can been seen. The planet is named after the Roman Goddess of Love and beauty, famous for the passions Venus could stir up amongst gods and mortals alike. Indeed it is generally agreed The Planet Venus is amongst the most visually appealing objects in our night sky. In astrology The Planet Venus represents our feelings of affection and of harmony and balance, but also governs romantic relations, lovers, marriage, business partnerships and above all, sex. Venus can also enhance and intensify our desires for pleasure, sensuality, personal possessions, and in its extremes, deepen our feelings of envy and greed. Additionally people ruled by Venus are often fans of the arts, music and fashion, and often have an interesting social life. Venus is the ruler of the second and seventh houses and is the ruling planet of Taurus and Libra.

Venus - Astrology and Planets in the Zodiac

The Planet Venus in Aries

Those with Venus in Aries have a great passion for life. They are bold, daring and not shy when starting new relationships. Independence is important to them. They won't say or do anything just for the sake of it, they believe in truth and honesty. However very impulsive and can lose interest very easily and quickly. Can get bored in a relationship if it lacks the spark of passion, they need mental and physical stimulation. They need to be challenged from time to time to keep their interest. People are drawn to their friendliness confidence and self assured nature. They dislike negative self pitying people. They are blunt and will tell you like it is, most people appreciate their honesty. They tend to be creative and are born natural leaders. They dislike mind games preferring others to be direct and say what they think.

The Planet Venus in Taurus

Those with Taurus in Venus are cautious and reserved but they are extremely loyal. Need romantic life to be stable, shies away from drama and mind games. Hates false pretentious people. Very sensual and physical, touch is important to them. They can form a good basis for marriage, they will happily devote themselves for life to one partner. However they do have a tendency to be jealous and possessive. They make good friends and are helpful to those in need though you have to earn their loyalty and trust before getting close to them. They are determined when it comes to achieving a goal. They are creative and lovers of nature. They can be romantic and sentimental. They like to know that they are appreciated and highly valued as a person.

The Planet Venus in Gemini

Those with Venus in Gemini are highly sociable, friendly and a deep curiosity and fascination for the unknown. Enjoys romance, being wined and dined and visiting places of interest. They are mostly attracted to intelligent partners and those that are humorous and witty. They dislike being tied down and shy away from anything that is emotionally heavy and see as hard work. They dislike routine daily tasks preferring to go out and explore. Others are attracted to their friendliness and fun loving lifestyle. They tend to quick thinking and spontaneous in their plans. They are very talkative but prone to gossip if they feel its exciting news. They tend to up to date with knowledge about celebrities and other famous people. They are great communicators and have a talent in telling stories and comedy. They can be fashionably creative too. They seek variety in a partner someone who can keep up with their hectic lifestyle and are not shy trying or experiencing anything new and intriguing.

The Planet Venus in Cancer

Those with Venus in Cancer are emotionally perceptive. They are sentimental and have great empathy for those around them. They are very cautious when it comes to finding a partner, as they often feel vulnerable about showing their inner feelings. They need to know they can trust a person before they open up. They can feel insecure and wary when it comes to forming new relationships. Once hurt they will never forget and find it hard to forgive. They are loyal and faithful to their friends and will always form a strong bond to those they care about. They have strong imaginations and can be very creative. They have a nurturing need to protect those around them. Sensual and affectionate and also know how to make others feel comfortable in their presence. They need to know how sincere other people are before they open up. They need to know that they are well and truly loved. They are understanding towards others with problems but will shy away from those with too much emotional baggage.

The Planet Venus in Leo

Those with Venus in Leo are warm hearted and highly affectionate. Playful and generous to others they add excitement to any relationship. They are very proud and like others to have a sense of pride also. They can be sometimes egotistical and crave attention from others. They are not shy about expressing themselves. They are bored by dull people, they want passion, liveliness and excitement. They like to follow their dreams and often make big plans, involving others around them. They are good performers, attracted to drama and the arts. They are bold and not one for hiding their light under a bushel. Others are drawn to their confident happy go lucky nature. They can be thoughtful, kind hearted and generous and appreciate it back in return.

The Planet Venus in Virgo

Those with Venus in Virgo are quiet and reserved. Sensitive to others yet can be discriminating. They do have the tendency to over react to something they find just isn't right for them. However they will give a helping hand to those that ask for it. They dislike bad manners and slovenly behaviour, they can be slow to reveal themselves in the start of a relationship but can become more sensual over time. They are thoughtful and quiet, very choosy about who they consider to be friends. They shy away from too much emotional drama. They have a need to be fit and eat healthily. They are very creative and make good writers. They are private individuals and others are attracted to their mysterious aura. They are trustworthy also like to feel appreciated. They like cleanliness and order.

The Planet Venus in Libra

Those with Venus in Libra are considerate and have a balanced view of people and situations. Can sometimes seem emotionally detached but deeply romantic at heart. Have a strong instinct when it comes to relationships. They have the ability to unlock deep desires in other people. They are drawn to those who make them feel good about themselves. They make friends easily and others often seek them out for their clear unbiased advice. The believe in both a little give and take in all relationships. They are very sociable and have a talent in writing and making speeches. They know how to put others at ease. Can be tactful when dealing with difficult people. Know how to get other people in the right mood at the right time. They are responsive to others ideas and are also drawn to intelligent and well mannered people. They dislike snobbishness and arrogant people. They feel cheated if they receive any less than what they think they deserve.

The Planet Venus in Scorpio

Those with Venus in Scorpio are intense and confident. They are cautious when meeting people for the first time, they will first try and figure the person out before making their next move. They are good at picking emotional vibes from other people. They have a strong magnetism when attracting a partner, they like to feel a strong enduring bond with others. Sometimes they manipulate the situation to get what they want. They are prone to obsession and can seek vengeance if hurt. They may appear to be distant but they are in actual fact paying attention to your each and every word. Nothing passes them by unnoticed. They have high ambitions and strong drive. They are private individuals, appearing cold and mysterious to others. They expect a partner to feel the same emotional intensity as they do, they don't like mind games and playing the field.

The Planet Venus in Sagittarius

Those with Venus in Sagittarius are light hearted, sociable and fun to be around. They are free spirits and love to travel and explore. They have a wide variety of friends and will have many lovers before they find someone to commit to, which eventually they do as having a strong bond with someone is important to them. They dislike emotional drama. They love to experience the new exciting adventures and need the freedom to do so. They are outgoing and naturally curious and tend to have a wide variety of friends from different cultures. They are good at teaching as they usually have the knowledge and experience to share with others. They tend to be intellectual and have a good sense of humour. They are drawn to people who are willing to open themselves up to new experiences. They seek out active friendly people with the same optimistic outlook as themselves.

The Planet Venus in Capricorn

Those with Venus in Capricorn are dependable and serious minded. They can sometimes be fairly discriminating when it comes to choosing a partner, they know when that person will give them the emotional support they need. It takes a while for them to emotionally express themselves, and shy away from false, phony people. Their ideal is to settle down and be in an everlasting relationship. They like to know that others can depend on them in their hour of need. They are responsible, practical and sensible and expect the same from those around them. They are very private individuals but prone to cutting themselves from the rest of the world which can sometimes lead to a depressive state of mind. They are intelligent in the business world and seek those that can lead to improve their prospects. They are ambitious and a doer rather than a thinker. They have a strong sense of loyalty to those that are close to them. They seek out those that they can rely on and not necessarily perfect just perfect for them.

The Planet Venus in Aquarius

Those with Venus in Aquarius are original and independent. They open minded and usually have unconventional ideas. They are free spirited and need lots of open space. They hate being restricted and tied down to one place. They may appear emotionally aloof to others. They are drawn to intelligent and open minded people who give them the chance to be themselves. They are very active and are usually involved in different causes. Other consider them to be fair and non judgemental once they get to know them. They give everyone the same respect and don't discriminate between different groups of people. They are inspiring and often come up with new and refreshing ideas. They are very spontaneous, they are not one for dwelling on the past. They will brush themselves down and start again when things go wrong. It takes a while for them to settle down with one partner but when they do they will be a friend for life.

The Planet Venus in Pisces

Those with Venus in Pisces are idealists at heart. They seek their soul mate, often fantasising how things will be before they do. They are very protective of their own feelings and tend to take things a bit too seriously. Once hurt it will take a long time for them to get over it and their wounds to heal. They are more in love with the idea of being in love, sometimes this makes them miss out the flaws in a potential partner which can make them vulnerable. However they are kind, thoughtful and will go out of their way to be there for someone when they need help. They have very strong empathy towards others and make the best romantic partners as well as good friends. They have a tendency to feel drained therefore are best suited to those who uplift them spiritually. They have vivid and strong imaginations and usually have a talent in art and being highly emotional, theatrical performance. Others are drawn to the mysterious and spiritual strength of Pisces. They are also good at being conversationalists. They tend to avoid harsh and ill mannered people and dislike those that are too much stuck in the routine and mundane. They like themselves are attracted to those that can and follow their dreams.

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